Salad platter set up on a table.
Salad platter set up on a table.
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Food & Drink

Food And Drink At Sedgefield Races
As well as several restaurant options, Sedgefield Racecourse has casual eating options for those who want to stay close to the action and eat on the move. Take a look around the Grandstand & Paddock area or Centre Course building to see what is available on your race day, or make a stop at our popular fish shop.
A fish & chip shop counter.

The Sea Merchant Fish Shop

A variety of food is available from The Sea Merchant situated in the Grandstand & Paddock area. Offering delicious, traditional fish & chips, as well as pies, burgers and pastries for a quick snack on the move.

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Inside view of the Bistro 1927 restaurant at Sedgefield Racecourse.

The Bistro 1927

The Bistro 1927 was opened at the beginning of 2017 in honour of Sedgefield’s 90th Anniversary, and has proven popular with guests ever since. Located opposite the entrance turnstiles, Bistro 1927 has a great bar serving draught beer and lager and freshly ground Italian coffees. Tasty snacks are also available to purchase.

Want Something Fancier?

We have a number of hospitality options that may be more suitable.

Hospitality Options

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