Following the government’s roadmap out of lockdown, we’re delighted to anticipate the return of racegoers in the near future. More information for customers will be available soon once. Follow us on social media or sign up for emails to get the latest information.

Jockey on a horse jumping over a hurdle at Sedgefield Racecourse.


Sunday 7th March - Behind Closed Doors

Sun 07 March 2021
Couple of dressed up gentlemen attending racing at Sedgefield Racecourse.
Couple of dressed up gentlemen attending racing at Sedgefield Racecourse.
What To Wear?

Possibly the biggest choice of the day.

Dress Code

What To Wear To Sedgefield Races
Sedgefield Racecourse is generally quite relaxed, so there are no strict dress code rules in place. Wear what you are comfortable in, and check with your tickettype if there are any restrictions. Though the dress code is relaxed, we still expect racegoers to uphold a general consideration for other racegoers so thateveryone can enjoy their day
Dressed up racegoers at Sedgefield Racecourse.

Dress Codes In Place

Centre Course 
There is no dress code in the Centre Course. Fancy dress is allowed providing it is decent and would not cause offence to other guests. 

Grandstand & Paddock 
The dress code in Grandstand & Paddock is smart/casual. 

General Restrictions 
No jogging bottoms, sports shorts, football/rugby shirts, skimpy tops or trainers. Smart jeans are acceptable.

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