Cars lined up at a car boot sale at Sedgefield Racecourse.
Cars lined up at a car boot sale at Sedgefield Racecourse.
Grab A Bargain

At one of the biggest car boots in the North East.

Sedgefield Car Boot Sale

Car Boot Sale In The North East

If you have a garage full of bits and bobs or just fancy picking up a bargain then Sedgefield Car Boot Sale is the place. With car boot sales running every Thursday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday all year round, it is arguably the biggest in the North East with potential crowds of 4,000 attending.

Car boot sale at Sedgefield Racecourse.


Seller’s arrival time is from 6.30 am, though this can be earlier if the weather is nice. 

Pitch fees: 
Car £15 
Van £20 
Car & Trailer £20

Top Tips for Sellers:

  • Get here on time if you can as there are usually early buyers and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.
  • Have some idea of what price you are charging, bring lots of small change so you are prepared for a sale and be prepared for bartering. 
  • Don’t hold on to things if you can’t get exactly the price you want, remember it’s the whole amount you go home with at the end of the day that matters
  • Make sure if you sell electric items that they work, are safe and have plugs on.
  • Remember our Car Boots are operated on our environmentally friendly site, always take all rubbish and all unsold goods home with you.
Car boot display set up at Sedgefield Racecourse.


Buyers can arrive from 7.30 am. Entrance fees are: 
Between 7.30 am - 10.00 am: £2 
After 10.00 am: £1 
Children under 12 FREE.

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